Landcruiser BJ75

our beloved car with so much of our energy and hard work in it…. As i said, our  baby….

Beginning of 2008 we have decided to do this trip. Soon the question accured what kind of car we gona choose… It’s not just a question of what we would like. As soon as you start planning a bit and thinking about the trip itself, what you would like to do, visiting cities (not to long and to high) as well and travelling with not the biggest budget (fuel consumption), the choice is already much smaller. Our first vehicle we where looking at was the following….:


Great stuff. Rocking, adventurous but not very handy. Small cabine behind and sucking fuel like crasy. Indeed you are a bit more offroad capable then we are, but do we really need to cross 2 meter high rivers with a strong current. Not really. With our Landcruiser we do not have any problems crossing smaller rivers and the bigger ones are anyway not that tempting to drive into with your “house” behind.

So a friend of us was pointing us at that Toyota Landcruiser BJ75. First of all we where not that impressed as we where looking at this crasy trucks as the one above. But soon we agreed that this is our car. We had a couple of test drives, planned what needed to be done and if our wallets where able to come along with the requirements and then i bought it.

How it was looking before:

You might see that the ride height is about 10 centimeters lower then it is today. We have changed the whole chassis suspentions so that we now are even more offroad capable. So basically we don’t need streets anymore which is importnat if you think to mongolia or the deserts etc.